Photo by Richard Hoynes / Photo Art Design by Dana Rogers

A native of Staten Island, NY, now living at the Jersey Shore,  Amy Phillips has been composing music of all genres all her life, and over the past 20+ years has been performing with an eclectic mix of bands, from rock ’n roll, to pop, to ‘cabaret’ theatrical-fare, to folk, to classical, to punk, and back to rock ’n roll, gigging in clubs and churches (!) throughout the greater NYC area.

Currently, Amy is focused primarily on her solo pursuits, and is not affiliated with any particular band, opting instead to work with professional studio musicians to record her vast repertoire of original tunes.

Amy's musical influences are wide-ranging, but the most significant to her development as a songwriter include the British Invasion groups of the ’60’s,  American folk music, singer-songwriters like Laura Nyro and poet-songwriters, like Patti Smith.

Although Amy loves performing with a group on stage and will continue to do so whenever possible, her primary objective these days is to do some matchmaking with her original songs, finding them ‘homes’ with artists who can perform them better than she can.   

That being said, she’s “going for it” and releasing them with her own vocals for now, ‘cause “there’s no time like the present!” 

While her official solo debut came about (as serendipitous things do) by chance, it now seems to have been an inevitable progression, and the process has been both cathartic and inspiring for Amy.  
She released her first solo album/CD ("The Ribler Sessions - Part 1") in Dec 2021. 

Produced by Marc Ribler, Music Director and guitarist for Little Steven & The Disciples of Soul, the 15-song CD also features other DOS members Andy Burton (keyboards), Jack Daley (bass), Rich Mercurio (drums) and Sara Devine and Jessie Wagner (backing vocals).  Also contributing to the album is John Martin on horns.

The first single, “She’s Caroline”, written years ago in celebration of  Amy's sister's birthday, was released on July 2nd and is a "GET UP OFFA THAT CHAIR!" summer-themed dance tune bursting with energy, fueled by a driving beat and cheerful trumpets.   The second single, "To The Moon", shows Amy's more melancholy side and was released on August 20th, the weekend of the August 2021 full moon. The third single, "On Fire For You" is an upbeat (yet steamy!) tune, infused with the bright chime-y guitar sound that only a Rickenbacker can bring to a song, and was released on Oct 22nd.

Be sure to check out the videos for all three tunes!